Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tyler Durden Wallpaper

I was listening to the Fight Club soundtrack and I had a sudden urge to Photoshop something related, especially Tyler Durden related.
He is one of my all time favourite characters, I actually started taking Brad Pitt seriously as an actor after seeing Fight Club.
If you have never seen Fight Club, I highly recommend you stop playing with yourself and watch it right now.

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Mirror's Edge still in the works :D

This blog isn't one for referring other websites, but I just had to post this.
You may remember when I posted my love for the game Mirror's Edge and its individuality among all the generic first person shooters, well I just read a IGN post that is confirming a squeal is still being worked on.
They say one of the main reasons why its taking so long is because while it was criticality acclaimed, it didn't make as much money as anticipated because it didn't draw a big enough audience.
So while I can't get everyone to play and like it, I'm going to refer it anyway to the small audience that follows this blog. Trust me, its an awesome game and you can probably pick it up quite cheap now second hand.
Its a lot better than all the FPS's out there that rely on action to sell. Just be warned that its kinda short (something I hope that will be fixed in the sequel) but the re-playability is huge.