Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some Old School Stuff

Going through my computer, I found some work I did for my final end of year project in my year 12 Design Graphics class.
The project was pretty much a free for all, do something based of a subject that is important to you. I'm quite against war personally, any kind so this is my project entitled 'Aspects of War.'
Its three separate scenes depicting three different variations of war and fighting.
They weren't doing anything partially special except taking up hard drive space, so I mind as well post them here!
They were hand drawn, scanned onto the computer and then coloured in with Photoshop.

1) Revenge!

2) Freedom

3) Justice

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back Story

To tell the truth, I've been a bit lazy with my current 3D render project Future City Above A Flooded World because I've been working on Delta 9.
I do however have an 'official' bit of text that describes it, which I wrote up when I failed to submit it to the CG Society. It goes like this:

In the future there will be some sort of world wide catastrophe which will end in the world getting mostly flooded.
In a rush to accommodate the civilians of the world, a united world government is set up to control everything. These cities are built in massive rows that can accommodate anyone who can pay, meaning this is pretty much a rich only area.
Poverty is everywhere else though, with even the most advanced countries suffering because of a lack of land.

Its not much, but you can tell that it interweaves with the Delta 9 story line. They probably won't meet each other directly, but its all in the same universe at least.

Talking about Delta 9, I've been working on it a lot and will have some more updates soonish, so stay tuned! 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Delta 9

Here is some more information about my first Unity game and some screen shots. It is in its fetus stage right now though, which shows so please don't bag me about lack of detail.
The story goes like this:

The year is 2063, after natural disaster after natural disaster the world is a completely different place with only one government controlling the whole world. Its called The United Government of Earth, and its pretty much a totalitarian rule. The government likes the people to think that they're completely controlled, but the reality is that underground gangs and gang violence is out of control.
The only sign of hope in this whole screwed up civilization is a deep space station called Delta 9. It is used for research, outer space exploration or just plain holiday makers.
Construction finished in 2054, and since then the population has grown to about 80,000. It is self sustaining in every way, and new sections are always being added.
Last year all contact was cut off between there and Earth. It had people baffled. Any rescue crews sent out would disappear as well, their radio contact stopping as soon as they neared the space station.
No one is sure what to do, no one wants to go near it now because of the mystery that surrounds anyone who goes missing near it.

The character you play is called Gene Bova.

Gene is part of the underground gang scene but isn’t really associated with any one gang. He did mostly contract work which involved him doing serious crimes such as murder, armed robberies and ‘roughing up’ people who owed money or whatever.
His last task was to rob a government office and find plans for the fate of an old apartment block that’s in gang territory.  This went wrong however and he was caught red handed and he killed a government guard. The police didn’t catch him but they know he did it and now he’s a wanted man.
He’s in hiding now in an apartment that a friend of his owns, and he’s pretty much trapped there because you need a Civilian Security Pass to travel around the cities main streets (he needs to go through back allays, people apartments etc).

The starting story goes like this:
Gene is in the apartment and he gets a call from his friend who owns it to come and meet him in a back allay, where he says he has an acquaintance who will help him escape to the country side.
Gene trusting him automatically arrives to the allay to see his friend at gun point by the gang he was previously doing work for. They think that he screwed them over and actually sold the plans to another gang for a higher price, because now another gang owns it.
He pleads with them and says its not true. They don’t believe him and threaten to kill him and his friend. He offers to do anything in exchange, to prove him self.
They say that they have an important acquaintance with information they need who went on holiday to Delta 9, but never returned and broke contact.
They make it his mission to go to Delta 9, and retrieve him.
Gene agrees.
They say find out what happened to him or they will kill his friend.
They shove him in a space craft, and the main game begins (the Earth bit at the start will act as a tutorial as well).
Here are some screen shots of the Earth level I've started to build:

The apartment you start out in.

Its in shots like these where you can see that some detail still needs to be added. Its a food replicator machine, kinda like out of Star Trek, and Space Quest who copied it out of Star Trek.
I keep meaning to finish it off, but it just keeps getting pushed back further and further.
Anyone who can spot the Dragon Ball Z Abridged joke gets a free cookie.
That red force field is suppose to be a thing that registers if you're carrying a Civilian Security Pass or not.
The block of apartments courtyard. Kinda resembles a prison.
An example of how nice and friendly the government is.
Its abandoned apartments like this that allows Gene to get around without a pass.

So there you go, you're now informed about my game I'm working on. Stay tuned for more updates!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New header, yo

Tonight I decided to make a new header for this blog, its been getting a lot more attention recently so I thought it deserved a slight make-over.
The old header has been bothering me for quite a while now because honestly, it was quite shit.
This new one is simple, but I like it. Then again nothing is set in stone so I could easily change it again tomorrow if I see fit.
So yeah, story in short I made a new blog header because I was bored and the old one shit me so much.
The moral of this blog post is... well there is no moral, its a bloody post about a header. If you want to learn morals go and watch big blockbuster Hollywood flicks because their full of them, not Avatar though because that sucked.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Progress Continues... (again)

So I got stuck on my current project, Future City Above A Flooded World. I just couldn't think of what to add next, I was having a major writers block but except in 3D render form.
So I thought, why not? And tried to submit it to the 3D Stills Gallery on the CG Society. They only except high quality work, and of course my unfinished piece got rejected.
This was a big hint to keep going, to finish it off. I was still stuck of course so I pleaded for help in my WIP thread (you'll need to skip to page 3) and the responses I got were truly helpful.
The ideas included:
-Changing the lighting to something like dawn or dusk (to make it more dramatic)
-Add more dirt and grime
-More infrastructure, especially between the different sections.
-More detail to the buildings
One guy even did a paint over for me!

So with all those ideas in my head, I have plenty to work with and I'm not stuck anymore.
Thank you, the internet!

By the way, I've started on my first game which I'm making with Unity.
Not going to give too much away because its still in its infant stages. Or so early I guess I could say its still in its fetus stage.
But here is a small rectangular picture, which probably won't give away much but at least gives a name and hint of genre.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Herp a Derp

Well I've kinda run out of ideas for blog posts about breaking into the industry.
So, this is now my official development blog. Yay!
This blog post will showcase some work that I started a while ago. Still not finished, but its pretty darn close.

So yeah, a bit more post production, maybe a little bit more modeling and I'm done.
Its been made with 3ds Max and Mental Ray if you're wondering BTW.