Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TAFEing All Over The World!

That title was suppose to sound like that ELO song, you kno... forget it.

When I was travailing abroad I still had TAFE work to do as the holiday cut straight into the end bit of the certificate, which can be the nastiest as that's when you have to do all the main assignments.
So after getting my lecturers blessing, I packed up my laptop and my tablet and set off on my worldly adventure.
The following set of pictures showcase some of the different places where I had to do my work, some of them were quite cramped...

It started off easy in Bali, I had a huge limestone desk all to myself.
It should be noted that laser mouses don't work on limestone so I had to buy a mouse pad. It took me ages to find one, I didn't think that it would be so hard. I ended up with a Disney Micky The Mouse one as it was all I could find, I'm still using it to this second :)

This was a bit more cramped but it wasn't the worst. Considering how small some of the French cottages I saw were, I'm counting my lucky stars that I got any space at all.

This was while working in a car which was probably the hardest. Every time you went around one of Frances millions of roundabouts, you had to hold on to everything. 

This was another cruisey work space in a hotel. I only got to work here for one night though.

The last one was a kitchen table. While it worked well I had to move everything whenever it was meal time.

This last picture was taken on the flight home when all my work was completed. Typical that these seats had powerpoints in them, could of used them when I actually had work to do on a plane! 
I just played Seven Days A Skeptic instead ;)

I hope to never have to do work on holiday again.

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