Monday, January 17, 2011

Got meself a Graphics Tablet

Considering I'm a little hungover from last nights escapades, it was a welcome surprise when my new graphics tablet arrived via courier to my house this morning.
Its a Bamboo Pen, and I bought it for $110AUS off an Ebay shop (brand new of course).

Its my first tablet, and while only small it works really well. The stylus is spot on and goes exactly where I want it to point.
I've been put off on buying a tablet because I always thought they were overly expensive and didn't work very well. But of course technology evolves, and I certainly made the right choice in purchasing this.
I'll probably be mostly using it for practice in concept art and textures.
I've tried it with Photoshop CS4 and it seriously feels as if I'm just drawing on a piece of paper, its that good.
Stay tuned for some work made using this tablet very soon.

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