Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Comic Books

I told you I would update this blog more, you're all just haters who don't believe.
Today I finished my first assignment for my Photoshop class at TAFE. Why is there is a Photoshop class in a games development course? No idea. I do love some good 'ole Photoshopping though, so I'm not complaining. To start off they gave us this image:

Our task as students was to colour this in per say. It may sound like they just give us some crayons and ushered as on our way, but no. It's more than that. We had to professionally colour this is in like they really would in the industry (using flats etc). Probably not the games industry, but at least a industry.
We also had to do this using real colour theory, you know, with a colour wheel and shit. First off I coloured it in with complementary colours:

And then with analogous colours:

Clicky on the pictures for a closer look

We also had to make our own colour palettes as well. That's the good thing about TAFE, they give you heaps of room to create it how you like it and they let you explore your own creativity extensively. 
Personally I feel the analogous one came out better, my lecturer agreed. 

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