Saturday, November 19, 2011

Have Some Nostalgia In Yo Face

Well, for me anyway.
Today instead of doing homework I decided to do some routine maintenance on my Dad's computer. What of course I knew when I started was, that this is the ultimate procrastination. It's about an eight year old Acer, and I don't think any real work has been on done on it in about four or five years.
Anyway's, I was going through my old files on there deleting stuff and came across some real vintage 3D work. Before I was doing it at TAFE, I was doing it as a hobby since I was about 15 (so roughly four years of experience).
Among the files I came across my personal Blender 3D folder. Blender, if you're not in the know, is an open source 3D program. It's okay considering what you get and it's free, so it was nice to use before I started getting into 3DS Max.

Dem reflections

What you can see above is render I created in early 2009, so I would have just turned 16 years old. It's quite basic, and I've overkilled the reflections. Even the ceiling is reflective.
Doesn't matter though, we all have to start somewhere. This was of course not my first modelling experience either, but rendering. Not too bad for a first attempt hey? 
If you really want to go back my first experiences including modelling in Gmax and making the textures in MS Paint. I've come a long way and I'm glad I stayed with the hobby. 

Anyway, that's my reflective post for this year (no pun intended), one for the archives it would seem. 

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