Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tram Is Finished

It's been a longish journey, but hurrah. Modelling and texturing of my 1910's USSR Tram is complete. I know I said I would get this done before I started my diploma at TAFE, but since that started my time has been nil (mostly because at the same time I got a new computer and have been playing a lot of MW3). TAFE is going pretty good by the way, thanks for asking. I have two 3D classes now which I'm very excited about. One assessment is for a futuristic city (which I'll delve into in a future post) and another is for my first character. At this time I will most likely be recreating Jake Blues, because... why not.
All is well on that front, except for sound class. I mean why the fuck would you put a sound class in a technical artist game development course? If I wanted to be involved in sound, I would of done a bloody sound course. Sigh, I guess I'm just pissed off more than usual because I have an assignment due for that in two days which I haven't even stared yet. Needless to say, unlike my other TAFE work I will not be posting that!
Anyway's enough rambling, have some early 1900's Soviet public transport in yo face!

Also a video like I did with my tank will be up soon enough as well.

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