Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tram Modelling Is Complete!

I know I said I wanted to finish the modelling aspect of this project half a month ago, but I guess I got side tracked with nothing in particular.
Ah well, the point is it's done now. Three days into my Diploma I should add as well. I was originally planning to have this done before TAFE started, but I guess I'm just a tard. The texturing will start very soon, but I'm waiting on a new computer for that. Towards the end of the modelling process it got very... painful. The computer I'm on now isn't that good. Two words- dual core! D:
But last week I ordered in a new computer (one word- i7!) and they told me it would be ready mid this week. Considering it's Thursday as I write this, I'm hanging on the end of a thread for it. But I guess when I finally do get it, the satisfaction will be all the more sweeter.
Anyway, please enjoy some more progress shots- the last you'll see of modelling I should add. Next time you hear from me it will either be textured or at least partially. Also the classes this year are looking quite rad, so you'll see some more TAFE work here in the coming year. The future is looking bright!

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