Sunday, June 3, 2012

Even More Abandoned Photography!

I don't get to take photo's of abandoned things as much as I would like. It's a hobby I immensely enjoy, but something I seldom get a chance to do.
This long weekend I went camping out in the Twilight Zone, seriously, in the middle of nowhere. I think we were at least two hours drive from the nearest McDonald's  D:  Good fun though.
Anyway, that's what that looked like:

Faces obscured because lets face it, no one wants to be seen hanging out with me. 
As we were leaving Bat Country, I saw this diamond in a puddle and we stopped for some photo happy time:

I have no clue as to what 'DSP' stands for, Googling it returns a bazillion different results. If any fine member of the internet has any idea, please feel free to leave a message. For the most part it was a house, plain and  simple. It didn't look like it had been inhabited since disco was alive though.

Seems to be an old style ice box (ie, a fridge). 

The best angle I could get, because, well; there was no floor. Also another fridge. 

Doesn't matter how far out you are, shit is still going to be vandalised :'( 

I would have liked to stay longer but my driver got spooked by another car driving around, maybe I'll come back in the near future. Sometime this week I should be receiving my first ever DSLR (I'll also find out how reliable Fed Ex is). This will mean more photography, as I want to step my skills up. Been wanting to for a long time but insufficient funds stopped me from upgrading my okayish point and shoot. Getting off my arse and actually getting a job seemed to fix this. I also need to buy a car so then I can easily seek out locations. It seems they're a lot of abandoned farm houses and what not about an hours drive from where I live, so it might be a good little niche for me.

Check out my other abandoned photos if you please. First lot is of the remains of a train station near my house, proving that local infrastructure was better 50 years ago than it is now. Second lot is of a French cottage which I totally lucked out on finding when I was on holiday there last year. Make sure you click to the full albums to a Live Journal abandoned photography group, as I have only posted samples of those albums on this blog.

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