Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Camera (ie the most exciting thing to happen yet)

Bah! I'm sick. So, so sick. I shouldn't really use this blog to complain about something as moot as a cold, but damn it sucks. Luckily though, on Tuesday (the day before this sickness started to get uncomfortable) my first ever DSLR arrived. Last post I briefly mentioned this, and I also wondered how reliable FedEx were going to be. FedEx, were great. What wasn't so great is that their services stopped at the Belmont depot and were then carried on by Australian Air Express to my house. I've had lots of problems with AEE. They're suppose to deliver the package straight to my door, but they never so much as knock to check if you're home. They just leave a slip in your mailbox telling you to pick it up from the post office, which pretty much defeats the purpose of paying for a courier service in the first place. It's happened to me at least three times, and numerous times to other members of my family.
Enough complaining though, I said I wouldn't use my blog for that. I don't want to lie to my fabulous audience (hey, that's you!).

It's a Canon EOS 1100D, which I bought in a pack that came with a 75-300mm telephoto lenses. I bought it through JB Hi-Fi's Direct Import service. What they do now is grey import products through their website and it's so much cheaper than buying in-store. I worked out I saved around $250, if you don't factor in postage.
JB are running a very competitive service compared to other local grey importers. It is a little bit more, but the one bonus that sold me is that it comes with a one year JB warranty. If it kneels over within a year, I can just take it to a JB storefront. I don't have to mail it off back to Hong Kong or whatever and worry about it never coming back. They also did other small things like making sure you received an English instruction manual and local power cables. The instruction manual was photocopied, but it was photocopied damn well. It also came on a disk so you could read it on the computer in PDF.

This was also incidentally the first picture I took with the Canon. The joke is I took it in auto mode because I hadn't read the manual yet. Yes, I know. I'm hilarious.  
The actual package it was posted in was A-grade in my books as well. It was wrapped well in several layers of bubble wrap, as well as a tough outer package. It was a pain in the ass to open, but it meant it was posted safely so I can't complain about that, not on this blog anyway. I don't want to break that promise more than once.

Taken with my phone as by this point I had run out of working cameras. 
Going from a point and shoot to a DSLR is a huge jump. My point and shoot was fairly decent (as well as having a kickass retro exterior) but I felt it was time to move on.
I'm still getting used to the all the settings on offer as I've only had it a few days, but I'm determined to use it properly and not just be one of those dudes who has a DSLR for the sake of having one and takes all their photos in auto mode. I would probably have a few of my photographer friends disown me I did turn into that guy anyway, so it's for the best. I spent quite a lot on this eitherway, so I would just be wasting my own money if I treated this like a glorified point and shoot.

Anyway, here are some photos I have taken so far, some in auto mode, some where I have been a bit more adventurous...:

An ode to Retro Game On... 
Taken at 1/60th of a second to let that perfect amount of light in.

10 second exposure.
Some basic light painting. I plan to go full retard on this once I get my greasy mits on a tripod.
I'm still obviously a novice, but I plan to really work at this. Stay tuned as I hopefully improve.

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