Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Progress Continues....

Why hello there. This post comes at ya from my TAFE. Why you ask? Well one, my net has shaped and two, the computers here are much better than my one at home.
I'm still working on my tank, I've just started texturing and work on the 'display piece' has started also. It's only a small square which has a desert scene within it. The idea is when it's finished; I'll make an animation of it rotating around in a circle. 
A bit of work still needs to be done, mostly just the modeling and texturing of random junk laying around the desert. I also need to finish off the texturing of the tank. 

Here are some close-up screenshots of the scene so far...

Close up of the poster on the wall. It totally doens't say "all bow down to the mighty Brendan" or anything.

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