Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fuck You, MS Paint

My old arch nemesis, screwing me over like always.
Many an apology for the not so great quality of the following renders. They are of course an update of my TAFE tank, in which I originally rendered to .BMP. I decided to upload them to my Facebook art file (as you do) only to find that Facebook doesn't accept bitmaps. After laughing me arse off for a little while, I decided to convert them to jpeg. I could of done it better in Photoshop but since I'm lazy, I decided to just do a save as in MS Paint.
Notice how I went save as instead of just save? Yeah, that's suppose to create an entirely new file. MS Paint decided just to overwrite my BMP's instead and just leave me with the crappy compressed jpeg's. They went from about 1.37mb's to 40kp's.
So fuck you MS Paint, and while I'm at it, fuck you Vista. I'm sure you had something to do with it you slippery gypsie.

Anyways, here are the renders themselves. The modelling is pretty much done (bar some tweaking) and the texturing will begin soon.
It's 81,401 polygons just in case anyone cares.

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