Monday, July 30, 2012

Abandoned Mansion (Perth, Australia)

Last weekend I went on my first DSLR aided urban exploring adventure. It was good fun and I learnt a lot, but looking back on the photos there are some things I want to do better next time. For example I feel a lot of these photos are overexposed. It was an uphill struggle for a novice such as myself as bare concrete covered in paint, mostly surrounded by white sand in the middle of the day turned out to be quite a challenge.  Also for some reason the picture style was set to faithful the whole time, making them even more washed out. Ah well, it was all a learning experience I guess.

A bit of back story so I stop ranting about my skills; about 10 years ago the person who owned this estate was done for tax evasion. It seemed easiest for whatever reason to just walk out and leave, and it's been empty ever since.
The place has been heavily scrapped. There are no windows, doors, light fittings or anything like that. One room I found had the remains of carpet, but the rest of the place was more or less an empty concrete shell covered in awesome graff and lots of shitty tags. Also on the property were several lakes and a shed.

This will all soon be a new housing development. While we were there the construction was literally across the road, if we left this a few more weeks we might of been too late. A shame really as Perth isn't exactly known for its abandoned properties.

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