Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photos! June 2012 Wrap-up

Recently I have been reading a great little e-book called Getting Out of Auto, which is rightly so all about getting out of the auto mode on your camera. It's only $10 American, and is worth every penny (I've never been able to accurately use that saying before).
I've learnt a lot and I plan to buy more literature, most probably in the good old fashioned paper way which I'm led to believe still exists. While that e-book is great and taught me a lot, it will be nice to have something that I can easily check without booting up my computer.
Either way I've been having a fun time using my camera in manual mode; it really reveals a new layer to what photography is all about. Here are some shots I've taken this last month:

I waited out in the cold and dark for 20 minutes waiting for a car to drive past.

My set-up.

My fat ass birds.

Strange things happen in my shower at night... 

Big ambitions.

Wasn't me. 

An abandoned vineyard. Probably my most favourite thing I've photographed yet. 

Another shot of the set-up, because why not?

The time?

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