Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beach Bum Photography

A few months ago I posted an entry about practising photography in the wild, surrounded by nature. I was lucky enough to be a mule to the elements last weekend again as I went camping up north to a place called Sandy Cape (which is about 20 minutes further North from the town of Jurien Bay). I travelled up there with some friends for the Easter Long Weekend.
Since the campsite was already totally full (even though we arrived Good Friday morning at about 9.30am) we were able to find a suitable place to camp up the beach which was only accessible by 4X4.
It was great camping right on the beach. You can literally wake up and transfer straight into the ocean, as it's hot enough in that part of Australia. 

And drink lots of... ahem, lemonade.

First off I should mention that the area is called Sandy Cape for a reason; it really isn't the best place to bring a DSLR. Everyday I was cleaning sand off it, and I didn't dare swap the lenses. That would of caused misery for all involved.
Luckily I easily got by with my standard 15-35mm, and took some shots that I'm quite happy with. The fact that it wasn't really windy at night helped me greatly too, I was able to do some exposure shots straight on the beach (which is something I've always wanted to do).

20 minute exposure at about 10pm.  I tried to take one at 9pm the night before, but it still picked up the sunset o.O

Sandy Cape the left, Green Head to the right.

My home for 3 nights; I was very reluctant to leave. That amount of time without my computer was actually quite refreshing. 

30 second exposure with the ISO cranked up.

White, sandy uninterrupted beaches.  Welcome to my awesome home country of Australia. 

Trees are an old joke in this area of country. 

Just a bit of fun. 


  1. Hi mate,

    Awesome photos! Sumbled across your blog looking for camping around Jurien and Sandy Cape. See you blokes camped further noth up the beach from Sandy Cape is that right? Was it a designated camp spot or dit you just park off and set up camp? Also do I see a fire in one of the photos? Just curious as I think the area around Sandy Cape is a no go for open fires?

    I am going camping and fishing there later this week and looking for options and what you blokes did seems perfect hence the questions. Hope you donit mind.

    Appreciate some feedback.


    1. Hey there!
      Yeah, we went further up the coast since Sandy Cape was totally full. Where we did end up camping was full of heaps of other people too where there was space, but it's not apart of the camping grounds. It's free but of course you get no amenities.
      As for the fires, I believe you're right although it wasn't me or any of my buddies you lit that one in the photo. As far as I could remember it was some backpackers, who we'd yell "YEAH EXPORT" at since they all carried in a block in each lol. We were of course indulging in Export ourselves.


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