Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back Story

To tell the truth, I've been a bit lazy with my current 3D render project Future City Above A Flooded World because I've been working on Delta 9.
I do however have an 'official' bit of text that describes it, which I wrote up when I failed to submit it to the CG Society. It goes like this:

In the future there will be some sort of world wide catastrophe which will end in the world getting mostly flooded.
In a rush to accommodate the civilians of the world, a united world government is set up to control everything. These cities are built in massive rows that can accommodate anyone who can pay, meaning this is pretty much a rich only area.
Poverty is everywhere else though, with even the most advanced countries suffering because of a lack of land.

Its not much, but you can tell that it interweaves with the Delta 9 story line. They probably won't meet each other directly, but its all in the same universe at least.

Talking about Delta 9, I've been working on it a lot and will have some more updates soonish, so stay tuned! 

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