Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Progress Continues... (again)

So I got stuck on my current project, Future City Above A Flooded World. I just couldn't think of what to add next, I was having a major writers block but except in 3D render form.
So I thought, why not? And tried to submit it to the 3D Stills Gallery on the CG Society. They only except high quality work, and of course my unfinished piece got rejected.
This was a big hint to keep going, to finish it off. I was still stuck of course so I pleaded for help in my WIP thread (you'll need to skip to page 3) and the responses I got were truly helpful.
The ideas included:
-Changing the lighting to something like dawn or dusk (to make it more dramatic)
-Add more dirt and grime
-More infrastructure, especially between the different sections.
-More detail to the buildings
One guy even did a paint over for me!

So with all those ideas in my head, I have plenty to work with and I'm not stuck anymore.
Thank you, the internet!

By the way, I've started on my first game which I'm making with Unity.
Not going to give too much away because its still in its infant stages. Or so early I guess I could say its still in its fetus stage.
But here is a small rectangular picture, which probably won't give away much but at least gives a name and hint of genre.

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