Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You're Awesome Because You Read My Blog

Well, its been a while.
I would love for my excuse to be that I'm to bogged down in school work to post here, but that would be a cold, hard lie.
I'm not doing TEE (Australian exams). If there were exams for Computer Graphics I probably would be doing them, but there isn't so no pressure for me. I'm easily passing Year 12 with my easily passed non-TEE subjects. I'm going to TAFE after all, I don't need exams. The VET I did at Central TAFE last year is enough for me to just simply stroll right in next year (actual words of my guidance councillor).

So what have I been up to with all my school work free time? A new 3D project of course.

The back story is that these mammoth structures were built to accommodate towns and cites after some sort of world-wide disaster (I'll leave that to your imagination).
I'm only working on the one so far, but when its finished it will be copied to the handy pre-made concrete structures you see behind it. What I'm working on right now is populating the rooftops with shit.
You can see a work in progress thread on the CG Society here.

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