Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3D ''3D''

Lets talk about something different now, but still relevant to 3D. Its either that or the epic struggle between me and my teachers for the right to wear black jeans instead of navy blue cargo pants.
Lets talk about 3D televisions.

Is it the new technology? Is it whats going to revolutionize our lives and influence our foreseeable future?
Short answer in my opinion, no.
For me the cons for this piece of technology heavily out-way the pros.
Whatever you do, you can't get around the fact that you have to wear those bloody glasses every time you want to watch some TV.
It totally takes out the social element that is television, I rarely watch TV (too many ads) but when I do its with friends and family, or while on the computer or my phone. The ability to do this gets taken away by those glasses. It just isn't what I interpret as television.
Also another con of glasses is the apparent health problems. Nobody is sure what the long term effects are because no studies have been done, but short term effects can include headaches, eye-strain and nausea.
It really is unknown territory, who knows what the effects could be.

Another thing I don't like about it is the lack of current content. So far its just been sports coverage in Australia, and frankly I really don't care about that at all. Call me a geek but I find nothing more boring than watching some dudes kick a football across a field for a couple of hours. BUT ITS IN 3D! you say.
Woopdy fucking do.
Also the amount of 3D Blu-Rays out there are minimal as well. And did you know that you need a 3D capable Blu-Ray player to play these? No, not the brand new Blu-Ray player you just bought but a 3D one. Its only another $400 (*sarcasm*).
But to be fair it is new, and the content should increase if it takes off.
If in a couple of years its still the biggest thing since spinach and ricotta rolls and the content is everywhere then maybe, maybe I will think about it.
I still have heavy doubts that it will though, those glasses take away the whole 'OMG kind of like real life' factor for me.

Especially since I hear there is a type of 3D in development that doesn't involve glasses, not as in like holograms, but that 3D still has the same effect without glasses (I won't lie, I don't really understand how it works).
Nintendo is already working on a handheld that uses this technology, its called the 3DS. There were playable prototypes on display at this years E3, and reports are that they seem to do the job, they just need a bit of tweaking.
Sounds to me that were gonna have 3D without glasses in the near future after all, unless a full nuclear war breaks out tomorrow, but I doubt that it will.


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