Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mixing Media

The last couple of days I have been searching through the sites of 3D studios in Perth and one thing I notice that they all have in common is that they all do architectural renders.
A good example is this.
Its great how they create the building renders and then mix them with an actual image, it must be some kind of gypsy magic.

So I thought I would give a crack at it, and the result was this:

Any Perth natives out there may be going ''hey, what the hell is that huge monstrosity doing looming over Fremantle?'' Well fret no more, I just used that picture because its the only picture I could find which I took that shows a good landscape to work with.
The model is from a tutorial, so I modeled it but didn't design it. Direct all building related hate too that tutorial.
I'm pretty happy with how I got the perspective and lighting to match. If you disagree I welcome you to tell me in the underused but perfectly capable comment system.

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