Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So Lets Talk Money

Hi! How are you? Good? Thats great.

So, me in the industry.
Where to start? Well an actual job might be good.
So where do I begin? As far as I can see there are two possibility's:
1.) I get a full time position at some kind of production house, it would be a real 9-5 office scenario.
2.) Do freelance. Potential customers see my portfolio, and BAM! They outsource work to me and I work from the comfort of my own dwelling.

Lets look at number one:
The whole 9-5 office scenario stereotypically seems to be a bit daunting and boring, but then again it would be my dream job. Its only daunting and boring when you consider it to be daunting and boring. I would enjoy a job like that very much, I would turn up to work everyday with a smile on my face and leave with the same one on. I do this type of thing in my spare time a lot as a hobby, if I was getting paid as well I would be well and truly over the moon.
I live in a growing city in Australia called Perth. As far as I can tell, the following studios are based there:
Last Pixel
Constructive Media
3D Millipede
Well their the ones I could find on Google anyway. There might be more, if you know of any leave a comment (especially if you own one (and especially especially if you want too give a certain blogger a trainee ship of some kind!)).

There use to be a lot of game development studios in Perth as well, but they've gradually closed down over the years, which is a crying shame. If there are any by the time I'm ready for work, I could get a job at one as an environment artist. Which would also be fricken awesome.

Now lets look at the second option.
Freelancing sounds like a very appealing option.
There are a lot of studios all over the world that outsource some of their work to freelances so they can cut cost, lots of them do it all the time which means the potential for work is huge.
But then again there are already a lot of freelances out and about, so that means competition. To stand out from the crowd you need an excellent portfolio so that you get picked. This is why I'm getting into the whole render thing before I even start proper education, I want to be the guy that gets picked.
If I don't get picked, I don't get work. If I don't get work its the dole line for me. Which isn't what I really wan t in life, I'm sure you can understand.

So as you can see I have a bit of work ahead of me, if I want this career I'm going to have to work hard.



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