Thursday, August 5, 2010

Money For Nothing

So I don't exactly have a job in the industry yet, but that doesn't mean I can't make money from it.
What I'm talking about is selling your 3D models on websites, like TurboSquid or, I've just started myself.
The idea is that company's or individuals can buy your models so they don't have to make them themselves (kind of like freelancing).
The beauty of it is that your models don't only sell once, you can sell as many as you like (of course you have to wait for people to buy them first).

Here are the following models which I'm currently selling:

Wall Fan

Available at TurboSquid and Exchange3d .

Portable Radio


Available at TurboSquid and Exchange3d.

Those two models are from renders I've made. I was making those models anyway so its good that I can possibly get some revenue back from them.
Just make sure that if you do decide to start selling them that you've made the models and textures yourself.

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