Monday, August 2, 2010

And So It Begins

I'm gonna call this my first blog post.
Disregard the other one, its just a 'WELL HOWDY HO!' post.
Don't even think of looking at the one that is now at the bottom of this one, the fact that this one is now on top shows how unimportant the other one now is.

So I want to get into this industry right? I certainly hope so because this blog will loose all its meaning if I don't. Luckily I do though so everything seems dandy.
I've been practising my 3D quite a bit lately, mostly because my Year 12 school year is nearly up and I will be going to TAFE soonish. I want to already know what I'm doing before I get there so I have an advantage, well that's the plan anyway. 
I've been practising making 'renders.' Renders are pretty much 3D scenes complied to look pretty. All the photo-realistic 3D pictures you see? They don't look like that when their in the workspace, in fact they usually don't look pretty at all. A lot of stuff doesn't come up until you render (bump maps, some lighting etc) which is fair enough because today's computer wouldn't be able to handle all that in real time, maybe in 5-10 years though, who knows.
Anyway the render I'm on right now is inspired by certain restaurants I saw while on a family vacation too Hong Kong last year. Their pretty amazing; steam, cheap plastic stools, tiled walls, which are usually all cramped into a space no bigger than my bedroom. Their full of character.

As you can see its a work in progress, one the of the main features I want hasn't even been added yet which is the steam. 
Learning 3D this way is so much better than just doing straight tutorials and nothing else. The amount of stuff I've learnt while just making this very piece is enormous. Its very learn as you go. I've come across heaps of problems and its simply a case of looking up a tutorial and applying it. I get what I want and I also learn something new. Win win. 
Of course sometimes it can get a bit hard finding the exact tutorial I want, but I guess its all part of the fun.

Also while I'm blathering about Hong Kong, I thought I would show you this picture I took and then attacked with Photoshop:

Its the Hotel Ibis, near a part of Hong Kong which I can't remember the name of.
It really does stick out like a sore thumb because its the only splash of colour among a whole lot of stained white and grey, so I thought I would promote it with all its individualist glory. 

Anyway that's me for now, please check back soon!

-B-DAWG (pronounced Brendan).


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